Ralph's Garden Salad  $7.49

Iceberg & romaine tossed with carrots, red cabbage, eggs

mushrooms, cucumbers, red onion, and cheddar cheese

Chicken Chef Salad  $8.99

5oz grilled chicken with Ralph's Garden Salad

​We suggest blue cheese crumbles (+$1.25) with poppy seed dressing

The 'Original' Classic Chef  $8.49

Ralph's Garden with Bourbon-baked ham & roasted turkey

We suggest Ralphie's blue cheese (+$1.25) & Junie Moon's French

The perfect marriage of flavors

Beef Tenderloin Skewer Chef  $12.99

Ralph's Garden Salad with 6oz of skewered Prime Beef Tenderloin

Grilled Tuna Chef Salad  $11.99

6oz sushi-grade tuna cooked to order

Enjoy Junie's French, it is made here.


For your salad

Blue cheese crumbles: +$1.25

Craisins, sunflower seeds,

beets & pea salad +$.50

​Ralph's Blue Cheese, we make it! +$1.25

​Julie Moon's 'sweet orange' French - made here also

Hazel's 1000 Island. Yep, here too.

Other than that, we also have:

  • ranch, Italian, Balsamic vinaigrette
  • poppy seed, honey-mustard, Caesar
  • Fat-free raspberry vinaigrette
  • Fat-free ranch
  • Red-wine vinegar & olive oil
  • Blue cheese crumbles +$1.25
  • ​Dried cranberries +$1.00
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Beets & Pea Salad +$.50


Hot Pot Aug (AHH-G)

​Cream of potato soup, baked with sharp cheddar

Bowl:  $4.49  -  Cup:  $3.49

Hot Pot Pig (aka PIG)

Cream of Potato soup with bacon, pepper jack and cheddar

Bowl:  $5.49  -  Cup:  $4.49

Ralph's chili

'It will speak for itself, sooner or later.'

Bowl:  $4.99  -  Cup:  $3.49