The Great Divide was named for the once-believed idea that Davidson and Fulton streets would become recognized Exit ramp names on the interstate practically right above.  

Easy off, easy in, easy on!

And while Davidson is actually the street that exits from 70W or 65S for Michigan and New York Streets, practically no one knows - or cares - that it is Davidson Street.  The name changed to "Ralph's Great Divide" after Ralph passed in 1994.  RGD.  It seemed right.  So do like we do, use "Ralph's Great Divide" exit and come on in!

Ralph and June Brooks started the biz in 1983 after years of corporate and community roles.  

Ralph specialized in Pharmaceuticals, Chemical and Food Service Products while June minded the store for the Indianapolis Marion County Public Library System. In their memory, the Ralph E. & June W. Brooks Scholarship Fund is endowed to Butler University and gives two $2500 awards per year to deserving students in the College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences.

David was the link to truly joining his parents' skill sets to his own to create most of the products and services we hope you enjoy today, and any day at RGD.

Both Ralph and David served in the USMC, at different times of course.  That is why the Jarhead stuff hangs on the walls and you might hear a "Semper Fi" exchange now and then...  We are absolutely American Americans who support and welcome all branches, on battlefields abroad, and some at home.

Hazel is our big boss, Nipper, our resident "dawg" and Carol is, well... here too.  But make no mistake, Hazel is the gal with the cash and huge line of credit so she is who you must meet for all such matters.

Everything Must Go! Everything - Anything - Will Go!

Hams... Whole, half, or sliced for any occasion!

Desserts... Any of RGD's vast selection can be made for you. Or tell us what you'd like and that will be satisfied as well.

Dressings...  We make them fresh daily!  Choose from RB's Blue Cheese, Junie Moon's French or 1000- Island, or any of the others we support. Available in pints!

Chicken & Tuna Salads...  Love them by the pint any time you might.

Party Needs...  Beer, spirits, wine, ice. Name it, we have the license to supply!

Enjoy the following:

*  Free Parking

     *  Piano & Open Mic Nights

          *  Private Parties

               *  Special Events Planning

                    *  Beer Garden

                         *  Gift Certificates

We loathe but accept all major credit & debit cards!

Ask us why!

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