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What do we have to EAT?

          HOT POT AUG                                                                                                     HOT POT PIG
Cream of Potato Soup au gratin                                                    Cream of Potato Soup with Bacon & Hot Pepper Cheese
BOWL  $3.99     CUP  $2.99                                                                              BOWL  $4.99     CUP  $3.99

          RALPH'S CHILI                                                                                           SOUP OF THE MOMENT!
Recognized by Bon Appetit Magazine                                           A Different Taste Treat Every Day while Supply Lasts
BOWL  $4.99     CUP  $2.99                                                                               BOWL  $3.99     CUP  $2.99
Add Cheddar Cheese & Onions  +$1.00
     Speaks for itself, sooner or later...                                                                 CREAM OF POTATO SOUP
BOWL  $3.49     CUP  $2.49
     CHILI & JUMBO FRANK                                                             
Loaded Down with Cheese & Onions  $7.59                                  BACON HORSEY DIP with a BASKET 'O CHIPS     $4.99
Add Sour Cream & Jalapenos      +$1.00
Served with your choice of a side                                                   TATER CHIPS & RANCH                                            $3.25

Incidental Info...We feature Wheat, Rye, White, Sourdough (+.50 where not indicated) & Buns. Cheese selections include
                            Swiss, Monterey Jack, Colby, Pepper Jack, American and Smoked Cheddar. Extra Cheese +.75, Bacon +1.00
                            Carry Out Orders +.50 per item. All Orders First-Come, First-Served

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